Hello, Hola and Namaste!

This website is an accompaniment to the book that I wrote “Acting in Atlanta”. And the book is complementary to this website. It’s all connected 🙂

If you’d told me 10 years ago when I was a freshly minted MBA that I’d be pursuing acting in Atlanta, much less writing a book about it, I’d laughed at you (politely, because that’s how I am).  Because first of all, I was an analytical, hard-headed business school graduate destined for a great corporate career. Secondly, I never imagined Atlanta becoming the powerhouse of production it is today. Third of all, I was a first generation Indian man with a hybrid Indian-American accent in the American South. My opportunities would be limited, to say the least.

But today all that’s changed. Acting in film and TV is a viable career in Atlanta. I’ve certainly had opportunities to audition way more than I imagined. And if I can be an Atlanta actor, so can you! But more about the awesomeness of Atlanta later. Let me tell you what this book is about.

This book is a guide to getting an acting career started in film and TV in Atlanta, with a suggested list of resources you can use at every step. I’ve also included interviews with established actors here who share tips and insights on everything – how they got started, how they go about their craft and managing their career and what they see as the future of acting in Atlanta.

This book is only a starting point though. I recommend you do more reading, researching, and talking with other Atlanta film and TV professionals to build on what you read here.

Throughout this book there are links embedded to classes, photographers, audition websites etc. These are not affiliate links; I make no money from including these links. Every link included is because I’ve personally used that particular resource or service, have had others in the industry recommend them, or pulled them from other reputable sites (like well-known talent agencies’ websites).

Atlanta is a dynamic, fast growing market. So if you notice that I’ve missed listing a resource here (acting studio, photographer, audition taping service, talent agency etc.), please email me at actinginatlantabook@gmail.com.

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your feedback. Break a leg (not literally, please).