Atlanta Actor Interviews List

This section include interviews with Atlanta actors. Many thanks to all the actors who have graciously spared their time to share their experiences and insights. I’ve tried my best to include a variety of actor types (gender, ethnicity, age range), and experiences (ATL to LA, LA to ATL, long list of credits, relatively new, formally trained, etc.).

I asked the same set of questions to all the actors here, though not necessarily in the same order, and we took some interesting detours as they popped up in the conversation.

The idea is to show you the diversity of the journeys of actors pursuing acting in Atlanta. There is no one-size-fits-all. The interviews are listed in alphabetical order of first names. Click on the name to read the interview.

  1. Alex Collins
  2. Al-Jaleel Knox
  3. Anna Enger
  4. Bill Murphey
  5. Dane Davenport
  6. David Kronawitter
  7. Elizabeth Keener-Dent
  8. Eric Esquer
  9. Eric Goins
  10. Eric Kan
  11. Gabriela Rowland
  12. Jamie Moore
  13. Jessica Leigh Smith
  14. Jyn Hall
  15. Kara Michele Wilder
  16. Karen Ceesay
  17. Kristen Shaw
  18. Lee Armstrong
  19. Mark Ashworth
  20. Matt Cornwell
  21. Michael H. Cole
  22. Mike Pniewski
  23. Omer Mughal

A new Atlanta actor interview is published every week. Bookmark this page for updates! Interviews to be published soon:

  1. Parisa Johnston
  2. Ravi Naidu
  3. Ray Benitez
  4. Scott Poythress
  5. Tasia Grant
  6. Tony Guerrero
  7. Towanna Stone
  8. Vince Canlas
  9. Vince Pisani
  10. Wilbur Fitzgerald
  11. Yolanda Asher