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Headshots are probably your number 1 marketing tool. Atlanta has great photographers that help you get comfortable in front of the camera and get the photos you need to bring out your essence. There is no one best headshot photographer – you must evaluate which works best for you by checking out their work on their website, their location, their rates, and asking around during class or asking your agent. Some agencies even have a list of photographers on their website. For example:

Houghton: http://www.houghtontalent.com/links.htm

PeopleStore: http://peoplestore.net/resources/

AMT: http://amtagency.com/client-resources/headshot-photographers-guidelines/

Tips –

  1. Make sure you know what Acting headshots are. They are not glamor shots. They are not supposed to make you look good. They are supposed to capture you, as close to how you would look when you walk into a casting session or put yourself on tape
  2. Know yourself and the market you are in so know what looks you want to capture. Perhaps an archetyping / personal brand class would help?

Headshot Photographers List

Sample list of headshot photographers in Atlanta:

You will get your headshot pictures typically on a CD o as a zip file using an online file transfer service like HighTail.com or WeTransfer.com. Once you get your headshots, do a couple of things:

  • Copy them to your computer or to another external hard drive – so you have multiple backups
  • Also upload them to a cloud storage like DropBox or Google Drive so they are accessible even away from home
  • Typically the files will all have some weird names based on the camera used. So choose 2 or 3 from each look, and rename them into some easily recognizable form. For example, “Rafiq_Batcha_Headshot1.jpg” or “RafiqBatcha_Headshot1.jpg” or some such. This will make it easy for Casting Directors and Agents to easily see what the file is (a headshot) and whose it is (yours).

Headshot Printing and Reproductions

Once your headshots have been shot, you also need to get them printed. These days with the use of online submissions and self-taping, you really don’t need a lot of printed headshots. But in the few instances you are asked to audition in-person, you do need one or two printed headshots with your resume printed or attached on the back. You could of course print as and when needed on your home/office printer but too often I’ve found myself out of ink or having paper issues just when I needed to print color headshots. Then I end up making a mad dash to a FedEx Kinkos or worse taking whatever terrible colors end up on my home printer and hope the casting directors don’t notice (yeah right).

So bottom line, I highly recommend getting at least 50 headshots printed from a professional lab such as below:

Remember to always keep a couple of up-to-date headshots in your car and/or backpack (briefcase, whatever) too.

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