Practice your craft

Always, always be honing your craft and keeping your instrument sharp. There are plenty of ways to keep acting and performing in between jobs:

  1. Do theater – there are many theaters in Atlanta such as Alliance Theater, 7 Stages, 14th Street Playhouse, Atlanta Workshop Players and Theatrical Outfit. One way to get seen by all regional theaters is to audition at the Atlanta Unified Auditions that are held every year where actors get a chance to audition before approximately 50 Atlanta area and regional theater companies.
  2. Student films – sign up to be notified for student film auditions at Art Institute of Atlanta: You can also check out the film departments at Georgia State University and SCAD.
  3. Do improv – typically upon completing advanced level classes at any one of the improv studios in town, you will get a chance to perform improv in front of a paying audience
  4. Do sketch comedy at SketchWorks, upon completion of the Advanced Workshop Group
  5. Every year the 48 Hour Film Festival happens in Atlanta, where teams have one weekend (48 hours) to writing to having a finished movie ready for screening. Check out the website and sign up to notified when they hold auditions.