Talent Agents

So now that you’ve got great training, great marketing tools (headshots, website, online profiles) and some credits under your belt, it’s time to get professional representation. There is of course nothing stopping you from submitting to agencies before you have any credits but typically the top agencies in Atlanta want to see that you are willing to do the work and are self-motivated. Remember that you are a product and the talent agency is a sales agency. If you can prove that your product is polished, has great sales tools to go along with it and has some market traction, that’s when the agencies will be more than happy to represent you. But you have to show that you believe in yourself first.


The benefit of having a talent agency is that they are working to get you auditions. They have the established relationships with the top producers and casting directors to get you the right opportunities, with access to breakdowns and knowledge of projects that don’t even show up on the casting sites.


With the vast increase in the amount of filming happening here, the number of agencies has also increased. Each agency has its own requirements in terms of how they accept new submissions (via email or online form or mailing in etc.), when they accept, what information they need from you etc. So please check out the websites of each of these agencies for the latest information.


Here are some of the better known agencies, in alphabetical order. Please check out their respective websites for latest information about how to submit to be considered for representation.